Creede is a charming town that comes alive in the summer with the renowned Creede Repertory Theater and tourism. It is also year-round home to many artists and eccentrics.

Creede supports many small business owners whom sell beautiful items or offer valuable services. Here are some of the places in Creede where we like to spend our time and money:

Rare Things Gallery: Jennifer Inge, the owner, opened Rare Things Gallery in the Creede in 1974. Against the odds, the Gallery is now a destination business and a cornerstone for Creede. What was once a small storefront and studio combination is now a fine Southwest retail gallery. Expect to discover a variety of intriguing and beautiful items:  jewelry, antiques, decorative arts, photography, paintings, stained glass, pottery, woodwork, furniture, rocks, minerals, and ‘wonderments’ of nature.

mountain man tours of the Rio Grande river

Take a white water rafting trip on the Upper Rio Grande!

Mountain Man Tours: Established in 1985, Mountain Man tours was the first Colorado rafting outfitter and guide service on the Upper Rio Grande. They offer guided rafting adventures exploring the river, canyons and valleys near Creede and South Fork, Colorado, as well as the famous Creede Caldera. Started by Greg and Delen Coln, Mountain Man Tours is a family business spanning four generations of river runners!  Mountain Man Tours is currently run by Delen Coln and Ryan Daugherty.

Creede Beadery: Creede Beadery is designed to be a place where patrons can come and create their own jewelry on site. The Beadery also has finished designs made by local artist & owner, Kiera Gibbons. Basically, grab a small bowl and pick out beads for a piece you’d like to make. Beads range in price from $.05 to $4 with most being around $.20. Choose what kind of hoops or bands you want and take it all to the counter. If you’re more experienced or feeling creative, sit at a table and make the piece. Otherwise, the kind staff strings the piece for you rather quickly.