I know, I know, sometimes it seems like we go on forever about the amazing Colorado fly fishing taking place here at 4UR. But it’s all true! Every year, many of our guests are returning sportsman who find our creek one of the best places in North America to cast their line!

Because Goose Creek is a private tailwater stream, the fishing is nearly always excellent. Of course, careful and rigorous stream management also plays a large part.

The creek begins as a small waterfall just below the Lake Humphreys dam on the southern boundary of the ranch. The creek bisects the property as it flows North, ending seven miles later as it feeds into the Rio Grande. It is a wonderful body of water that produces 20+ inch trout on weekly basis. Indeed, the trout in Goose Creek can be quite big, with larger native browns from the Rio Grande mixing it up with the established rainbows.


Trout of Goose Creek, meet the readers.

The top section of Goose Creek flows through a steep alpine canyon before plunging out into the pastures and hay fields of the ranch. We divide the creek into 22 1/3 mile “stations,” which are chosen via lottery the night before.

The lottery takes place in our lodge. It is decorated with exotic African animal heads and tusks. You see, this excellent fishing is only one facet of a dude ranch vacation at 4UR Ranch. This ranch has a personality that is unique and reflects the captivating personalities of the owners, the Levells.

Not only will you find some of the best fly fishing in the West, but an authentic equestrian culture, where our horses are not mindless tools for guest entertainment but respected coworkers and 4UR residents. Our wranglers strive to give you a real sense of what it means to be a horsewoman or man. This, along with gourmet food and drink, specialty spa services and impeccable lodging, means that 4UR Ranch will be unlike anything you expect.