After some serious hand-wringing and worrying, we are so happy to announce that the 4UR Ranch will be re-opening for the 2013 season on July 20th!

We were incredibly lucky to have avoided the wildfires – the ranch lands and buildings are completely unharmed. Once again, the 4UR is a hub of activity! Nearly all of our staff has returned and as of now we are back on the job, getting the ranch prepared for guests next week.

With clear blue Colorado skies above us, we are so thankful for being spared. We are also so thankful for all of your thoughts, prayers, and concerns, not only for the 4UR itself, but for those of us who work here and live here. The Leavell Family has especially been touched by all the emails and Facebook notes they have received.

We are excited to once again start welcoming guests to the 4UR. Forest Service has approved horseback riding and all fishing stations will be open. No fire damage can be seen on the property and there has been no smoke in the area for several days. The ranch compound looks great; Frances was able to save about 90% of the flowers. We thank you for your patience and we are looking forward to seeing many of you soon!

We want to extend a special thank you to all of the brave firemen and women that came to Colorado and stayed in Colorado through this disaster. These brave folks are truly first responders that deserve a standing ovation and all of our respect.

The residents of Creede did just that during their Forth of July parade. Check out the photos of the 4UR Ranch posse in the parade below.