guest ranch patio is lit by evening sun in foreground as parents wave to children passing by on hay wagon in background

Guests see children off from the new deck as they continue on to the last hayride and kid’s cookout of the season.

close up of top of a citronella candle with fire pit burning in background

The new patio features a large fire pit, great for enjoying an evening cocktail or early morning cup of coffee.

The 4UR Ranch has had an amazing summer season, and we’re all looking forward to a fantastic fall! As I write this blog, I can hear laughter through my open windows as the final week of our Children’s Program is winding down and the kids are enjoying their last “hurrahs” before heading back to school. The summer season has been busy, and it almost seems impossible that it could be  ending as quickly as it came upon us. It was a season packed with new experiences and friendships as many of our guests took advantage our  Hiking Program , and an evening cocktail on the new deck area located just off of Maude’s Bar (a favorite).

group sit on open deck with wine and blazing fire pit

Group of artists enjoy an evening sunset and cocktail before dinner.

horses climb along a hillside to their fall rocky mountain pasture

4UR Ranch horses make their way out to their fall pasture. In the distance, trees up near Ute peak are starting to turn a bright gold.

Ranch hands are already busy in the pastures harvesting hay, and when housekeepers and waitstaff are finished with their normal duties, they join the Hands loading hay high onto trailers and stacking it in the barns for the winter.  Hay season means fall is upon us and it leaves us wondering  how our 2015 guest season could be possibly ending so soon!

ranch hand works under hay baler to correct feeding of twine

Brady Gibbons, Property Manager and Head Ranch Hand, takes a moment to correct some faulty twine


five little girls stand in foreground among hay bales and colorado san juan mountains in the background

You never know what to expect when coming out to the pastures to stack hay. Little princesses took a break from their tea party to be a part of the action and enjoy the afternoon sun!

four little girls run toward camera among colorado sunlit hay bales with rocky mountain pines in the distance

4UR/Creede princesses had fun running among the hay bales and playing leap frog, while waiting for the next crew to come and stack

As the September days progress, large Aspen stands are turning the mountain sides bright yellow and orange, and there is a nip in the air. With fall comes our second Stephen Quiller Artist’s Workshop of the guest season. During this week, artists participate in a week long workshop with world-renowned master watercolorist, Stephen Quiller, a longtime resident of Creede.

Stephen will introduce his students to beautiful areas around the 4UR  Ranch, to paint with watercolor and capture the stunning autumn colors among lakes and streams, cliffs and mountains, meadows, and a mountain forests.  Spouses, partners, and friends not attending the workshop will enjoy their time hiking through the golden aspen trails, fishing, horseback riding, and soaking in our natural hot springs. The workshop will end on Friday, with one of the highlights of the week; a private dinner at the Quiller Home and a tour of Stephen’s Studio.

It is truly a magical time to be at the 4UR Ranch.  As families with children return to their homes, fall fishermen arrive for some of the best fishing of the year. Goose Creek upholds it’s reputation for being prolific in many species of western trout, and the local wildlife  (moose, elk, and coyote) have made appearances as cold weather brings them out of the high country.  This month has brought couples, fathers and sons, and milestone birthday celebrants to enjoy the last glimpse of wild flowers and witness within a few short days the changing of the seasons. We all feel blessed to share the beauty of this Ranch with you, and look forward to new adventures ahead.