foreground of flowery mesa with dark green mountains and blue sky in background

The 4UR Ranch has many exceptional programs to offer guests during their stay, but this year’s top of the list is our Hiking program. We have offered hikes to our guests on a request only basis in the past, but this year hiking has become another asset along with our horsemanship program, kid’s program and guided fishing experience. Guests are able to sign up for hikes throughout the week as soon as they check in, and have a multitude of trails available – from an easy paced hike up to Wildflower Mesa to a more advanced trek to Table Rock. The ranch has two hiking guides to take you on your journey, Jamie Smith and Amanda Gibbons.

male and female hiking guides stand with backpacks in front of a flowery hillside

Hiking Guides Jamie Smith and Amanda Gibbons

Jamie grew up in Colorado, so has always had easy access to many areas to hike, climb and ski. After high school, Jamie took a year to travel in Peru and Chile, where he did a range of things from volunteering, to guiding, to working as a ranch hand on a Chilean sheep and cattle ranch.  His love of the outdoors and his deep connection with the land are easily noticed as he guides guests along these mountain trails.

Amanda was first employed at the 4UR as a kid’s counselor in 2005, where she also met her husband, Brady. In 2006 she returned as a Wrangler. During her first two summers, Amanda avidly hiked the mountains on and around the 4UR Ranch. Amanda’s attraction to this land was immediately strong, so much so that she and her husband have the mountains surrounding the Ranch engraved on their wedding bands. She feels blessed to now have the opportunity to guide guests to some of her favorite spots.

In addition to the amazing knowledge our guides have to offer, is the incredible amount of moisture we have had this spring and early summer. The result has been a carpet of wildflowers covering the mountainsides. We have not seen such a bloom in this area in over nine years!

Close up of Rocky Mountain Penstermon purple flower

Rocky Mountain Penstemon is one of most prominent of the wildflowers you will find while hiking on the 4UR Ranch

grandmother and three grandchildren climb a Colorado Mountain trail among many bright wildflowers

Easy, family-friendly hike up to Wildflower Mesa

purlple locoweed sits in foreground as two children play in the background on a grassy Colorado hillside

Locoweed is another prominent flower this summer, in shades of fuchsia and white. It gets its name as it is said to make local wildlife somewhat crazy if too much is ingested!

boy and girl walk among blooms of flowers on a Colorado Rocky Mountain Mesa

Strolling among the flowers on top of Wildflower Mesa

If you are lamenting because you are visiting us this fall, you will still enjoy some late blooms, and witness quite the array of mushrooms that many local mushroomers look forward to hunting. (Let’s be clear, we are not trained in mushrooming, so a hike among local fungi would be for your visual pleasure more than your taste buds!) As with most nature photos, pictures just don’t do it justice. You have to come see, smell, and feel it for yourself!

mother and daughter stand on flower covered mountainside with bright blue sky in background